Small Flowered Clematis

Clematis Avant-Garde

Clematis Avant-Garde, Small Flowered Clematis - Brushwood Nursery, Clematis Specialists
Clematis Avant-Garde is offered in a full gallon size with free shipping! It produces distinctive red and pink flowers. A gem of a clematis! This easy and vigorous clematis sports flowers all through summer in a two-tone display of beautiful button blossoms. Evison, UK, 2004. Avant-Garde is a sport of Clematis viticella Kermesina. That means a stem grew with different flowers and they came true when propagated. This has all of the positive traits of the parent plant with cool flowers! Pruning: 3. All of our Clematis are grown right here at our nursery in north Georgia. Most plants are grown from cuttings, not seed (except where noted), and none are grafted. This assures that you will get a healthy plant that is true to name. Each plant will be fully rooted in a true quart size pot with a label and 18 inch stake. When your plants arrive, you'll find them packed carefully

with natural materials and individually wrapped. The stake is used to protect the plant in transit and may be removed when planting. We grow many different varieties of Clematis and they will not all look the same when they arrive. Some varieties have small leaves and many branches at this size. Others, like the large-flowered hybrids, may only have a few sets of leaves due to their habit of growth. We prune our plants regularly for their health here at the nursery and to promote branching in the garden so occasionally some plants may be shorter than others when they arrive. This will not affect their ability to adapt to their new home in your garden.

Size: True Gallon

Shipping: Free!

Hardiness Zones: 4-11

Height: 8-12 feet

Bloom period: Summer

Flower Size: 2 inches

Pruning: 3

Attributes: Blooms in summer, Deer resistant, Full sun, Partial shade, Pruning 3, Zone 10, Zone 11, Zone 4, Zone 5, Zone 6, Zone 7, Zone 8, Zone 9