About Our Plants

 Brushwood Nursery has been known for many years to provide high quality plants to home gardeners and professionals across the country. All of our plants are grown right here at our nursery.




 Here's a picture of a plant just before shipping. It is grown in a full, gallon size container that's 10 inches tall! These are excellent for clematis because they love to make a deep root system. Some are grown in 3/4 gallon square pots as noted on their pages.

Gallon Clematis

 The pot is also designed with an open bottom that stops roots from circling and promotes root branching. 

Clematis Roots

 The stems will be trimmed back for shipping. (Some will arrive with little apparent growth above the soil line depending on variety and time of year.) Clematis and all other vines in our catalog are fine with this. In fact, they travel better and establish better in your garden this way. It's far less stressful for them and they will sprout fresh shoots quickly. Please note that some species and varieties have different looking root systems than the ones shown. All plants go through quality control checks before shipping and will be ready to thrive in your garden with your care.

Trimmed Plant

 Before boxing, they will be removed from the pot and bagged. This helps to reduce landfill waste and allows us to clean, sanitize and reuse the pots for years to come. It's another part of our commitment to the environment! The plant tag will be taped to the front of the bag, so be sure to save it at planting time.

Bagged Clematis Plants

 Planting instructions can be found right here on the website. You may also come back to the website to find more planting and growing information on each variety.

 Many customers ask "How long will it take for my plants to flower?" The answer depends on the time of year they are shipped and how they are grown in your garden. Most of the plants we sell are propagated from cuttings so they are physiologically as old as the mother plant. That means they are ready to flower right away. In fact, some cuttings flower during rooting and some as small plants. Most of them will flower right in their pots here at the nursery. Plants are usually shipped as 3 year olds but some are ready younger and others can take longer.

Clematis Red Pearl

 Careful planting and maintenance in your garden will result in beautiful vines for many years to come!

A customer writes: Hi Dan, I emailed you shortly after I received this clematis; I was worried about it as it looked like 3 broken sticks around 2" high. You sent me a very nice reply, reassuring me that it would be fine and was just cut back for shipping. You were right! I'll include a couple pics of it now. Thanks so much for the information. I'll be ordering from you again soon. Best, Cathy Olympia WA 

Customer Lisa from Alabama emailed with similar concerns about her plant not looking like much on arrival. Here is the original picture and the plant just weeks later when she wrote back to show its progress!