About Us

Brushwood offers an unparalleled selection of hundreds of clematis varieties and select other vines, grown in 3/4 and full gallon pots, shipped free to all 50 United States.

The Nursery was founded in 1998 in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania by Dan Long. After many years in the nursery and greenhouse trade he decided to strike out on his own; a tradition in a family of entrepreneurs. For over 20 years, Brushwood has been shipping beautiful vines and climbers all over the United States. The summer of 2010 saw a big change for Brushwood with the move to Becky's (Dan's wife) home town of Athens, Georgia where the nursery has much more land and a longer growing season outdoors.

Brushwood is a real nursery where we grow the plants right here. In most cases we propagate them ourselves, too! We've found this is the best way to maintain quality for our customers. The plants are grown in climate controlled greenhouses where the proper seasonal adjustments are made for plant health and winter dormancy. Every effort is made to produce the highest quality crops possible.

We are a small, family business with the intention to stay that way. As avid gardeners, we know and love the plants offered and will always do our best to provide great quality and service. Brushwood is consistently in the Top 5 in our category at The Garden Watchdog and we have a loyal following of repeat customers. Give us a try and you'll see why!