Top 10 Questions

What size/how old are your plants?
-All of our plants are grown in a very tall, gallon size pot except a few varieties as noted which are grown in a 3/4 gallon container. Most are 2-3 years old but it varies by variety. The few grown from seed are usually older. The non-clematis are typically 2 years old. See: Our Plants

How can I change my order?
-Just email or use the contact form and we'll arrange it. 

How soon will I get my plants?
-If you request a future date at checkout, we will send them at that time. For orders in season, we try to ship the next business day. However, we are often backed up during peak season so your order may not ship for a few days.

Please mail me a catalog.
-We do not print a catalog. it's part of our commitment to protecting the environment.

I want to buy or pick up my plants at the nursery.
-Unfortunately, we are zoned against any customer activity here so we can't have visitors.

How much does it cost to ship to _____?
-Shipping is Free!

Do you ship to _____?
-We ship all over the United States. We are certified fully compliant to ship to every state. Compliance documentation is included with each shipment and can also be downloaded HERE. We do not ship anywhere else at this time.

When will you be getting more ______?
-We do not buy in finished plants. We grow all of our own plants and some may be out of stock for a year or possibly longer. We try to offer every plant in our line as regularly as possible. If you need something right away, please consider a similar variety that's available now.

Do you have ______ in stock now?
-If a plant has the Add to Cart button next to it, that plant is currently in stock. Inventory is tracked through the website database.

I'm afraid to order now because it's too cold/hot here to plant.
-Use the Delivery Date Request to select a suitable date for planting. Please be ready to plant when your order arrives.