Terms and Conditions

 We strive to provide excellent communication and service every day.
Your payment will be processed as soon as we receive it. If you have selected a shipping date in the future, we will care for your new plants for free until they are shipped. If any of your plants do not survive until shipping, we will replace them free of charge. If we are not able to replace your plants in a timely manner, we will offer to substitute or refund you the cost of the shortage. We will not substitute plants without your permission.

You are responsible for providing an accurate shipping address suitable for delivery by the United States Postal Service!

Please be aware that we try to accurately represent the color, habit and hardiness of all our plants but many factors will influence their look and performance in your garden including bloom time, color, mature size and survival. We have an amazing diversity of climates in our great nation and behavior of plants can vary significantly. Information on this web site as well as any advice given by staff is presented in good faith with the success of your gardening in mind but does not constitute a guarantee.

Sorry, but we do not ship to other countries. We reserve the right to hold part or all of an order for weather conditions or quality reasons. As always, we'll keep you posted regarding the status of your plants!

NOTE: Preparing and shipping plants is a very labor intensive process. During peak shipping times, there are hundreds of orders being prepared each week that have been placed any time from weeks to months in advance. There may be a slight delay in shipping. If it will be more than a week or two for any reason, we'll let you know.

New customers: We HIGHLY recommend you read through the Information pages, especially Shipping and About Our Plants, before placing your order. It will help you to understand how we serve you.

All of our plants are guaranteed to arrive healthy and to be true to name. We cannot accept responsibility for the loss of plants in your garden. There are just too many things that can happen that have nothing to do with the quality of the plants as shipped or your best efforts as a gardener. Proper selection, planting and establishment care should result in years of satisfaction from our plants. Any claims for damaged or missing plants must be made promptly.

Limitation of Liability: Under no circumstances shall Brushwood Nursery's liability exceed the retail value of the plant(s).