Clematis P-S

Clematis Sugar-Sweet Lilac

Clematis Sugar-Sweet Lilac, Small Flowered Clematis - Brushwood Nursery, Clematis Specialists

Clematis Sugar-Sweet Lilac is offered in a full gallon size with free shipping!  This cadmia hybrid is a delightfully fragrant clematis! You heard that right, it's lovely, wilt-resistant, AND smells divine. Originally registered as Clematis 'Delightful Scent' by Ton Hannink. Our clematis expert friend in Ohio describes the fragrance as "a lemony sweet fresh fragrance with a back note of vanilla. Very sweet and pure but not cloying. Divine!" It has also been described as having an orange blossom fragrance. Sugar-Sweet Lilac seems to be performing very well in poor clay soils! Hannink, NL 2013.

Size: True Gallon

Shipping: Free!

Hardiness Zones: 6-11

Height: 6-9 feet

Bloom period: Spring

Flower Size: 3 inches

Pruning: 3

Attributes: Blooms in spring, Deer resistant, Fragrant, Full sun, Partial shade, Pruning 3, Wilt-resistant, Zone 10, Zone 11, Zone 6, Zone 7, Zone 8, Zone 9